News & Updates

Dr. Meier Presents at the 2022 ASHA Convention

In collaboration with Dr. Shannon Sheppard, Dr. Meier talks about gender bias in citation practices in CSD and public knowledge of stroke at the 2022 ASHA Convention.

Dr. Meier Receives AbilityLab C-STAR Grant

As part of their continued collaboration, Dr. Meier and co-PI Dr. Stephen Intille receive pilot funding from the AbilityLab’s C-STAR to continue investigating “word retrieval in the wild” in people with aphasia.

TAN Lab's 1st Annual Cupcake Crawl

TAN Lab had an incredibly productive summer starting three new grant-funded projects. To celebrate, we got a taste of “sweet success” at our 1st Annual Cupcake Crawl! Check out the pics!

Anna and Emma's Successfully Completed their Master Thesis!

Congratulation on the success of Emma and Anna’s master thesis defense!

Lab dinner for the year of 2023

Around the end of the acdemic year 2o23, Dr. Meier held a lab dinner for all the lab members who are interested in joining. 

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